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Always secure – Guaranteed by math

Our algorithm is formally proven to be secure. That means that there will never be a "critical security flaw" found down the road that would expose your data. We can't stop someone looking over your shoulder, but this link in your security chain is rock-solid. Even better, the algorithm itself is open source, so you can check for yourself that nothing is changed or leaked. Check out the technical whitepaper to see for yourself.

Universal simplicity – No more apps

Protecting your home shouldn't require installing and setting up a new app on every device you own. As our homes get more connected, it grown impossible to ensure that nothing is being leaked by all the new "smart" devices. How do you prevent internet snoops from checking if you're on vacation by listening for your thermostat? Your coffee maker? Your refridgerator? Snoop Defender provides the solution by protecting your entire house, not just the devices you set up.

Never Slow – Stream on

Why should we have to choose between privacy on the internet and being able to stream, game and surf at the speeds we've come to expect? While our competition slows your connection to a crawl and makes netflix pause mid-show to buffer, our software doesn't slow down your connection, and in some cases can even increase your download speeds!

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